My projects

Welcome to my site. I use this site to publish some of my coding projects I have done over the years. All of the code I publish on my site is written for a SAP environment. The code published can be used on SAP Netweaver 7.00 or higher. Clearly you can try on lower versions, but I have not tested this.

To be able to use the code provided on this site, you need to install on your SAP system SAPLINK. You can download this directly from my site:

  SAPLINK from 09/14/2015 build 397 (93.5 KiB, 627 hits)


  SAPLINK_PLUGINS from 03/08/2015 build 133 (94.5 KiB, 431 hits)

or look for the latest version at Assembla ( SAPLINK and SAPLINK plugins ).

From my projects for now you can download the latest version of a nice table maintenance utility, which allows you to maintain almost any table in SAP. Works also with SAP HANA from

  Table Maintenance 2.03 (312.1 KiB, 386 hits)

In addition you can also get a text object, which enhances the text maintenance possibilities in SAP  for custom transactions and makes your live as a developer easier when handling text: (93.0 KiB, 166 hits)