WP e-Commerce

I have been working the last few weeks o the e-Commerce coaching website of my wife. She was using wordpress for a long time and needed a shop added to her website. First I looked a bit around, but I found only one plugin, which allowed all the functions my wife was thinking about and I could handle easily.

So the user reviews about wp e-commerce I found a bit extreme: either very positive or very negative. My own experience is more neutral. It took me no time to get the whole thing setup. The product creation and payment setup worked almost from the start. Then I started to integrate it into the layout of the website and my wife also had a few ideas on her own and it got much more complicated.

To get the layout adjusted and some of the links working with the button she wanted, was not so easy. The layout integration is not so nice and the site now has slowed down a bit. I had to make some modifications to the functions provided to get all the ideas implemented. Now we are satisfied and it is working fine. Have a look: https://www.coach4u.net/products-page.

I have to see now what I can do to increase the loading time of the site. BUT the plugin is free and clearly lacks full documentation. It helps you to get an e-comerce site up and running in no time.

Text object

I have developed at my company Instrumentation Laboratory a textobject to solve the problem of tracking changes for text maintenance. This idea has evolved into an interface for text maintenance and several other possibilities including HTML maintenance, full text search and an interface into SAP standard text maintenance.

So here is now my first version of the text object. All the code is┬ábased on nuggets with SAPlink. If you want to get more information please checkout the following article: Tex-Editing with Notes – Logic.

To be able to make use of the code you first need to download and install SAPlink on your system. You can either go to Saplink or down load everything from my downloads page.

Let me know what you think.