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Over the last month I have started contributing to a very interesting project I found on code.sdn.sap.com. This project has the goal to create excel files directly with abap code. There is no office integration needed through the GUI and files can be created therefore even in the background. A lot of effort has been already but in the first versions of this great idea. In the moment version 7 is in the works and version 6 has been released beginning of this year. There is a lot of work pending, but it is already very much usable and has already a big fan base (more than 300).

I can only recommend to have a look and try it out. Here you can find more info ABAP2XLSX.


Text object

I have developed at my company Instrumentation Laboratory a textobject to solve the problem of tracking changes for text maintenance. This idea has evolved into an interface for text maintenance and several other possibilities including HTML maintenance, full text search and an interface into SAP standard text maintenance.

So here is now my first version of the text object. All the code is┬ábased on nuggets with SAPlink. If you want to get more information please checkout the following article: Tex-Editing with Notes – Logic.

To be able to make use of the code you first need to download and install SAPlink on your system. You can either go to Saplink or down load everything from my downloads page.

Let me know what you think.