SAPLINK Installation

To get started with any exchange of ABAP code through SAPLINK, you have to first download SAPLINK and than install it in a 2 step process:

  1. First you need to create the installer in your system.
    After you have unzipped the install file you should find in your folder 2 files:

    • SAPlink_Daily.nugg

    Use the first file zsaplink_installer.txt to create a report in your system called ZSAPLINK_INSTALLER. You go into se80 or se38 and create the report. Than copy the whole content of the text file into your report.
    You should be able to activate now your report ZSAPLINK_INSTALLER. If you execute the report you should see this screen:ZSAPLINK_INSTALLER

  2. Than you need to run the ZSAPLINK nugget to get SAPLINK installed
    Now select with the dropdown the second file from the zip file:
    Execute the program and you only need now to activate all data dictionary structures, class’s and program loaded. Step two is also completed.

Now the SAPLINK installation is completed and can be used to upload  ABAP code. You should be able run the program ZSAPLINK and it should like this:


For most programs you will require more plugin-ins to be installed. The Installation has only added a few basic plugins. Download the plugin list and install with ZSAPLINK.

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